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What is an EICR all About

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a comprehensive assessment of a property or dwelling’s entire electrical installation. An EICR is essential for a safe and correctly functioning electrical system and the safety of those using the system. There are several instances where it is required by law.  A satisfactory EICR is valid for 5 years on the condition that the installation does not undergo any alterations, additions or damages. EICRs can only be carried out by a qualified, competent, and registered to the scheme electricians who understand the requirements of BS7671:2018. Completing an EICR can be time-consuming depending on the complexity and size of the installation.  The average dwelling will take about 4 hours. EICRs have codes that determine the consideration needed, for codes C1 C2 & F1 it is a legal requirement that they be resolved or the installation be rendered unsafe for continued usage.

Unlike some contractors, we can start resolving C1, C2 and FI fail codes while on-site.

  • C1 (Danger present); requires immediate remedial work
  • C2 (Potential danger present); urgent remedial action required
  • C3 (Improvement recommended); remedial work should be considered but not obligatory.
  • FI (Further investigation needed)

The difference between an EICR and PAT testing is that an EICR inspects and tests all the fixed wiring, control, isolation, and protective devices within the installation while PAT testing tests the safety of white goods, portable appliances, and IT equipment.

As well as EICRs, electrical audits, and surveys, we also provide complete rewires, consumer unit replacement, lighting and power addition, and alterations. Our electricians are fully qualified, with years of experience and enough expertise to tackle jobs of any size and scale. We take pride in our reputation and capability and offer workmanship guarantees.

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